Your Teeth-Whitening Journey With DAZZLO

Frequently Asked Questions- Dazzlo Teeth Whitening

Yes. Dazzlo teeth whitening is very effective and safe because it is customised  by Deyo teeth whitening experts keeping your teeth, gums & whitening goals in mind


Almost anyone can use Dazzlo to whiten their teeth. Dazzlo can whiten naturally yellow teeth and is effective at whitening yellow and stained teeth caused by age, food and drink, cigarettes or even medication.

No , Dazzlo Whitening gel will only work on natural teeth. It will not whiten any crown, bridge, veneers or artificial

No , Teeth whitening results can, however, last up to five to 10 years. Patients that practice
good oral health routines are more likely to see results that last longer.

Yes. Teeth whitening is known to cause minor sensitivity during and after the procedure.When
the enamel is stripped of the stains, the teeth are more vulnerable, which can cause temporary
sensitivity to hot or cold items.

Professional teeth whitening should be done in moderation. Most dentists will recommend the
procedure be done after one-three years depending on the patient's situation.

There are a few things that one can do to make their teeth whitening results last such as -
-Brush after every meal
-Avoid heavily dyed beverages
-Maintain regular cleaning appointments with your dentist
-Avoid dyed mouthwashes

Dazzlo gel contains carbamide peroxide which might cause irritation in gums. So, before using Dazzlo gel on teeth, GumPro gel should be applied along 

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