Why Deyo Implants

  • Tooth Implants From Rs. 16,500/- onwards
  • Free post-op consultations
  • No hidden fees, charges or surprises at the end of the treatment. We tell you the total treatment cost upfront.
  • Experienced team of Implantologists having 95%+ success rate
  • Use of imported implant technology for best results

Cost Of Tooth Implants

Type 1 Implant

Made In Israel

Rs 16500/-
  • Prefabricated Abutment Charges- RS. 2800/-
  • Brands- Global, Cortex, Adin
  • Full mouth Israeli Dental Implants- Rs. 2, 84,000/-

Type 2 Implant

Made In Korea

Rs 23500/-
  • Prefabricated Abutment Charges- RS. 3100/-
  • Brands- Neobiotec, Biohorizon, Anthogyr, Xive, Osstem, Hitec, Dentium, Dio
  • Full mouth Korean Dental Implants- Rs. 3,91,000/-

Type 3 Implant

Made in Europe

Rs 28900/-
  • Prefabricated Abutment Charges- RS. 2800/-
  • Brands- Nobel Biocare, Straumann Ankylos, Bredent
  • Full mouth European Dental Implants- Rs. 4,79,000/-

Type 4 Implant

Zimmer Implants

Rs 34900/-
  • Prefabricated Abutment Charges- RS. 2800/-

Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Implant

A dental implant is a artificial structure that replaces a missing tooth. With screw-like devices,
the surgeon inserts an implant into the jawbone, and it acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth
called a crown. Crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Dental implant surgery is safe when a qualified and experienced surgeon or dentist performs it.
Our experienced Doctors are using the latest equipments to minimizing your recovery time and
ensuring that your implant treatment is successful.

There may be some tenderness after the surgery, but it is almost always manageable with medications.


Yes, you can treat dental implants like your natural teeth.
Brush twice a day, floss, and visit the dentist for routine check ups

Once all phases of dental implant treatment are complete and the restorations are in place,
patients will be able to eat all types of foods.

Yes. Dental implants look, function, and feel like natural teeth. We try to match them as closely
as possible to the shape and color of your remaining teeth.

Dental implants are not removable.
Dental implants are fixed solidly in the bone and allow teeth to be replaced in a manner that is
closest to natural teeth.

Dental implant costs vary greatly depending on a number of factors including the number of
dental implants required, the severity of the bone recession and the patients individual
circumstances. After a consultation with your dentist you will be provided with a customised
treatment plan which will outline all of the costs.

Most People Are Good Candidates
They should have healthy gums and are old enough so that their jawbone has stopped growing.
Even if you have lost bone in your jaw, however, you may still be a good candidate for implants.
Talk to our Dentists for your specific needs.

The gum will start to heal after about three days. Complete recovery will be after one to two

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