Tooth Filling

Tooth filling is done to restore damaged tooth to its normal function and shape.

There are Different types of restorative materials that are used to restore the damaged tooth.

Cost Of Tooth Filling

Charges For Tooth Filling Are Same For Kids As Well As Adults. Charges of Temporary Tooth Filling Are Rs. 450/tooth

Amalgam Filling Charges

A dental restoration made of an alloy of an element or metal with mercury.

Rs. 850 onwards
  • Amalgam Filling (1 tooth surface)- 850/-
  • Amalgam Filling (2 tooth surface)- 950/-
  • Amalgam Filling (3 tooth surface)- 1050/-
  • Amalgam Filling (four or more surface)- Rs. 1130

Composite Filling Charges

Composite fillings are tooth coloured filling materials composed of strong plastic and glass particles.

Rs. 1100 onwards
  • Composite Filling (1 tooth surface)- Rs. 1100/-
  • Composite Filling (2 tooth surface)- Rs. 1250/-
  • Composite Filling (3 tooth surface)- Rs.1400/-/-
  • Amalgam Filling (four or more surface)- Rs. 1600/-
  • Composite Resin Inlay/Onlay per tooth- Rs. 3600/-

GIC Filling Charges

GIC filling is generally used in deep tooth decay allowing the flouride releasing properties to check further spread in tooth decay

Rs. 1200 onwards
  • GIC Filling per tooth- Rs.1200/-
  • GIC Light cure Filling - front tooth- Rs. 1600/-
  • GIC Light cure Filling - back tooth- RS. 1750/-

Frequently Asked Questions- Tooth Filling

Fillings help to protect teeth that have already been damaged by tooth decay from decaying any further. Once a tooth is filled up, any pain or discomfort associated with the cavity should go away.

Tooth cavity once developed cannot heal by itself neither by regular brushing nor by any medication

Dental Filling is a treatment modality to restore missing tooth structure which could have been a result of decay or trauma. A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape.


Persisted Pain in tooth specially while chewing or biting, tooth sensitivity, discoloration of the tooth, chipped or cracked tooth, swollen & painful gums are some of the symptoms that indicate the need of Root Canal Treatment

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