Charges of Tooth Removal

Kids Tooth Extraction

Removal of kids milk teeth

Rs. 1000 onwards
  • Extraction of Primary Tooth/ kids tooth- Rs. 1000

Simple Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure during which your tooth is completely removed from its socket.

Rs. 1000 onwards
  • Extraction of Mobile tooth- Rs. 1000
  • Extraction of front tooth- Rs. 1400
  • Extraction of back tooth- Rs. 1600

Impacted Tooth Extraction

An impacted tooth remains stuck in gum tissue or bone for various reasons. The area may be overcrowded, leaving no room for the teeth to emerge.

Rs. 1200 onwards
  • Tooth removal (Soft Tissue)- Rs. 4000
  • Surgical removal of residual roots- Rs. 4000
  • Removal of impacted tooth - partially bony- Rs. 5000
  • Removal of impacted tooth - completely bony- Rs. 7000

Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Extraction

No, Smoking would hinder the healing process and can cause more pain after surgery. Refrain
from smoking as long as possible after dental extraction to ensure the fastest post-operative

Tooth extraction is usually the last option. However if the tooth cannot be repaired with a filling
or crown because of an accident or extensive decay an extraction may be necessary. Tooth
may also be extracted when there is crowding or periodontal disease.

There may be mild discomfort after the tooth extraction .There is no reason that any dental
procedure including tooth extraction to be painful as the anesthesia given goes deeper and lasts
longer. So you need not suffer any pain.


Keep the gauze in the mouth for an hour by maintaining firm pressure.
Do not rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours after extraction
Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.
Avoid drinking with a straw for the first 24 hrs.
After 24 hrs of extraction use salt water rinses to maintain the extraction site.

It usually depends upon the type of teeth replacing if it is an implant it can be placed
immediately after extraction in some cases with proper planning. If it is a bridge the patient
should wait until the extraction site is healed.

You will be limited to soft foods for a few days while your mouth is tender and healing. You can
add firmer foods as you feel more comfortable.

Because a tooth extraction is a minor surgery, all you need is local anesthesia. Expect a similar
experience to the injected anesthesia you get when you need a cavity filling, crown, or other
dental procedure.

Do not pick the food out of the socket. Instead gently rinse or swish the food out. Any remaining
small food particles will be pushed out or metabolized by the body.

Before pulling the tooth, your dentist will give you an injection of a local anesthetic to numb the
area where the tooth will be removed.

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