Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning In Delhi-NCR

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  • Teeth Cleaning By Hi-Tech German Equipment
  • Removal Of Stains, Tartar & Plaque From Teeth
  • Get Rid Of Bad Breath
  • Strict Sterilization Protocol To Avoid Cross Infections.
  • Comfortable & Painless Cleaning With Advanced Machines.
  • Controls Gum and Teeth Infections
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Charges Of Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)

Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are used to clean healthy teeth in order to prevent them from becoming affected by tooth decay or gum disease. Prophylaxis cleanings remove plaque and tartar from the front, back, and sides of teeth

Rs. 850 onwards
  • Teeth Polishing- Rs. 300/- extra

Teeth Scaling & Root Planning

Scaling and root planing is a slightly more invasive teeth cleaning procedure (although it is non-surgical) that involves a deep cleaning of the gums, gum line and other supporting structures of teeth. Scaling and root planing is often recommended for individuals who suffer from gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Since scaling and root planing involves smoothing out the surface of the tooth root and removing any tartar and plaque that exists, it can at times take multiple dental visits to complete.

Rs. 2200 onwards

Gross Debriment Cleaning

A gross debridement, which is a deep cleaning used to remove tartar and plaque in all areas of the mouth, is often utilized for individuals who have not visited the dentist in a while. However, not everyone who has not visited the dentist in a while receives a gross debridement. The first thing the dentist does is perform an oral examination. After the oral exam, the dentist decides whether a routine prophylaxis teeth cleaning is enough or if a gross debridement is needed before the prophylaxis cleaning.

Rs. 2500 onwards

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Scaling

Root Canal Treatment Involves the removal of nerves from the pulp of a tooth. RCT saves the decayed tooth and helps in relieving the tooth pain. During RCT, Infected pulp is removed from the tooth. Then, the root canals of tooth are cleaned, disinfected, shaped and the space inside root canals is filled again. 

Cost Of Root Canal Treatment varies from Rs. 2500/- to 10,000. Cost Of RCT depends on the experience & speciality of dentist, equipment and material used in treatment, type of tooth, severity of the case etc.

Generally, a tooth after Root Canal Treatment by RCT Specialists lasts for 15-20 years or longer. Life of a tooth after RCT also depends on Timing Of RCT, Quality Of Restoration Material, Location Of The Tooth and Age Of The Patient.


Persisted Pain in tooth specially while chewing or biting, tooth sensitivity, discoloration of the tooth, chipped or cracked tooth, swollen & painful gums are some of the symptoms that indicate the need of Root Canal Treatment

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