Charges Of Braces & Other Orthodontic Treatments

Limited Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Limited Orthodontic Treatment of permanent teeth with braces- Rs.22000/-

Limited Orthodontic Treatment of Milk teeth with braces- Rs.17000/-

Limited Orthodontic Treatment of mixed teeth (transitional dentition) with braces- Rs.19000/-

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment of permanent teeth with braces- Rs.39000/-

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment of mixed teeth (transitional dentition) with braces- Rs.32000/-

Retention appliance fixed type (each arch)-7000

Invisible Aligners

Price for invisible aligners can be quoted after online consultation only. Starting price is from Rs. 35000/-

Orthodontic Anterior Bite plane charges- Rs. 6600/-

A small appliance fabricated by your doctor that is placed on your upper front teeth creating a platform on which your lower teeth can sit and glide.

Chin cap charges- Rs.10500/-

Orthodontic chin cap is an extra oral appliance which is used when patients have an excess growth lower jaw growth or deficient upper jaw

Habbit Breaking Appliance

Fixed- Rs. 7200/-

Removable- Rs. 3700/-

(It is used to help kids stop sucking their thumbs and tongue thrusting.)

Orthodontic Implant

Rs. 14000/-

Orthodontic Trainer (space maintainer)

Rs. 4000/-

Twin Block Appliance

Rs. 11300/-

Twin Block appliance is a removable orthopedic and orthodontic appliance to straighten the jawbones and the teeth. It’s actually made up of two appliances, one on the upper jaw and another one on the lower jaw.

Frequently Asked Questions- Braces Treatment

Braces straighten teeth by putting steady pressure on your teeth while staying in place for a certain amount of time.

Veneers , Composite bonding &  Braces and Aligners can be used to fix the gap in front teeth depending upon the condition. 

  • Clearer speech
  • Good bite
  • Self confidence 
  • Improvement in overall mouth health

As with any dental procedure, you might experience some minimal discomfort while the braces are being applied because you have to keep your mouth open wide for a long period of time, but you shouldn’t experience any pain. If you do feel pain at any point during the procedure, it may be due to overly sensitive teeth and you should alert your dentist right away

No. Considering braces are made of metal and are located in your mouth where they’re extremely likely to come in contact with a lot of liquids, it’s perfectly understandable for people to believe this. However, braces are made from a titanium alloy or stainless steel, two very rust-resistant metals. So, regardless of how long you have your braces—whether it’s six months or a few years—they’ll never rust. 

You're never too old for braces! There's really no age limit for braces except in a very few cases. Children shouldn't get braces placed on their baby teeth, for example; they should wait until they have their adult teeth.

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